Free to choose

comfortably in the restaurant or at the beach

Our kitchen, bound to the tradition of Romagna, consecrates care and attention to details and always seeks quality diversity for our menus.

Free to choose… Served at your table in our sea view restaurant, at the beach or outside in our amazing Summer Space. Our opening hours are flexible so that you can savour our gastronomic offer at the best.

For our little guests: kids menus, toddler food preparation, high chairs, kitchen corner available for mommies and restaurant directly connected with our kids' room.

We will know how to cuddle you with our services

Local products
and homemade treats
Vegan and gluten-free
Customized menu according to your needs
Flexible opening hours
Mealtimes adapt to your needs.
At the beach or in the hotel
comfortably served at the beach, in the restaurant or at our tables outside

Good morning

with a fresh and natural breakfast

Our awakening follows your pace: breakfast is available from 7 AM untill 12 PM.

A mouthwatering buffet with sweet and savoury alternatives which will be served at your table by our staff.

Homemade cakes, croissants, cold cuts and cheeses, eggs, fruits, yogurt, cereals, omelettes, crêpes, pancakes, smoothies, detox water, cereal seeds and many more treats to start your day in the best way.

You will choose your menu

And we will serve it at your table

In our wide, bright an cozy restaurant with an amazing sea view you will be free to choose between many tasty dishes at lunch and at dinner: every day 5 new alternatives for the first course and 5 new meet and fish alternatives for the second one.

All of this will come along with a rich buffet with fish and meet antipasti, fresh salads and raw or cooked vegetables which will be served at your table by our staff.

The cherry on top? You will be free to choose your dessert à la carte

The Romagna theme night

Cheerfulness, aroma and taste

The weekly event all our guests look forward to.

A dive into the most ancient recipes and the most genuine flavours brought at your table by our sfoglina (the lady who makes pasta) and our kitchen staff in order to let you experience the culinary tradition of Romagna

Hand-rolled piadina and tagliatelle, pies, frittata, gratin vegetables and selections of local cured meats, cold cuts and cheeses are just some of the dishes you will savour.